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    We have all seen them.  They tailgate, weave in and out of traffic, cut other drivers off, drive up the shoulder, run red lights, drive down the turn lane and cut back in, and are a hazard to everyone around them.  Unfortunately they don't perform their insane antics in front of law enforcement officers.  This site is dedicated to giving these drivers from around the Washington DC metropolitan area the attention they crave by awarding them with the special honorary designation as a driver who was spotted "Driving While Stupid" (DWS).


The number of "Sanity Challenged" drivers has reached a point that it is time to try to put them into some category for easier viewing.  You have to just continually shake your head in disbelief that so many people can be so crazy behind the wheel.  Just when you think you have seen the craziest of the crazy, someone else comes along and tops it all.  Some of the top candidates are in the photo gallery below, the remainder have been moved to their own special subcategory (shame it isn't a padded room!).  Put on a smile as we take a humorous look at the latest candidates for this prestigious designation:

Shoulder Runners

Red Light Runners


Turn Signal Challenged

Just Plain DWS

Me First

Some of our top candidates:



That sign saying no trucks in the left lane over 5T doesn't apply to his 18-wheeler.

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